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Teenage girls built Africa’s first private satellite to be launched in May 2017!

This is a remarkable achievement wherein a group of teenage girls got together to design a satellite as a part of STEM boot camp. This payload will transmit a comprehensive thermal imaging information twice a day to help with prevention of disaster and improve security of food.

“We can try to determine and predict the problems Africa will be facing in the future,” Brittany Bull, a student at Pelican Park High School in South Africa who worked on the payload, told CNN. “Where our food is growing, where we can plant more trees and vegetation and also how we can monitor remote areas … We have a lot of forest fires and floods but we don’t always get out there in time.”

This campaign was started as a part of South Africa’s Meta Economic Development Organisation (MEDO). The satellite was bought by MEDO and the girls were given training from satellite engineers of Cape Peninsula University of Technology. This first private satellite from Africa will be launched in May 2017.

As a part of their training, these teens first programmed and then launched the CricketSat satellites by means of high altitude weather balloons. With the help of the information that will be received from this payload, many important data could be collected with which some preemptive measures can be taken.

This team of girls want to start this project to other countries like Malawi, Rwanda and Kenya so that other girls are also encouraged to take part in STEM fields.

It has been 50 years of space development on a global level but till now there has been no black African who has travelled to space.

These girls want to inspire their fellow countrymen to go ahead and venture into newer territories of aerospace. Sky is the limit for them.

They are indeed an inspiration to not just their fellow Africans but to all the girls in the world. More power to them!

Source: interestingengineering.com

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