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The “Durbhagya yojana” in the life of women

Welcome to “Saubhagya yojana” another scheme announced by our Prime Minister yesterday. If the UPA 2 was considered a coalition of “scamsters” I guess NDA 2 can be safely called “schemesters” for introducing one scheme after another.
But what about the recurrent “Durbhagya yojana” in the life of women?
My suggestion is instead of assassinating the characters of the women students complaining of sexual harassment or reducing their hostel curfew from 7 pm to 6 pm and then lathicharging them mercilessly like in BHU, it would be wonderful to put a curfew of 6 pm on men students for a change. This might make it safer for women students. Worth trying out at least once. Worth putting the onus on men students at least once, as an experiment. If the results are good we can replicate it elsewhere as well. Should we wait for something like Jyoti Singh Panday’s horrendous rape before we raise our voices? All our Parliamentarians who spoke so eloquently & tearfully at that time, isn’t it important to prevent rape rather than crying after it happens? Would anyone, man or woman, like any random person to put their hand inside their shirt, blouse, top, ganji, singlet, blouse, kurta, trousers, jeans, without their permission? The answer would definitely be a “No” right? If we do not act on molestation we will have to cry about a rape happening next. Each time we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to molestation we are being a party to a rape that will happen in the future. Unless we are strict with molesters rather than the molested, women will never be safe from rape!
Also if the courts could understand that even a feeble “No” said many times by a woman is definitely not a “Yes” it would be helpful. “No” is a “Yes” only in our films though “Pink” did make “No” a “No” temporarily. Let’s deal with this everyday “Durbhagya yojana” firmly this Navratri please! After all jab betiyaan surakshit rahengi tabhi toh bachengi aur padhengi. Otherwise Beti Bachao Beti Padhao sounds like an empty slogan that only looks good because it is preceded by a hashtag. Let’s change this “durbhagya” for Ma Durga’s sake please 🙏🙏🙏 Oh! I guess in this hashtag yug a simple appeal might not do the trick. Let’s emphasize its gravity by preceding it with a hashtag
#ForMaDurgasSake #BetiBachaoBetiPadhao

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