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Gift yourself some privacy. You will love it.

From your mobile, send SMS to 1909 START 0 This will register you for DND (Do Not Disturb) and block all telemarketers. Alternatively, you can call 1909 and use the IVRS, to register for DND. The next time a telemarketer calls you or sends you an SMS about offering a personal loan or insurance policy or sales in a store, they you can first ask, “Where did you get my number from?” Their template answer is “Sir/Madam, we got it from our database” Reply to them “Thank you for your call and for sharing your full details with me. You are now on my database. I will report your number to TRAI and get your number disconnected within 7 days. Thanks again. Have a great day”

This is what you do afterward: Send an SMS to 1909 within 3 days of getting a call or SMS from the telemarketer. <Details of promotion>, <Sender ID / Number>, <DD/MM/YY> Send to 1909 Examples: insurance, VK-SHARKN, 05/09/17 personal loan, 9856321475, 04/09/17 Your service provider HAS to report these to TRAI. You will get SMS confirmation from your telecom service provider with an SR number and ETA for resolution. Gift yourself some privacy. You will love it. And yes, the next time you buy something at a store, don’t give out your mobile number. Your privacy is worth more than a 5% discount on your next purchase at your favourite store.

Source- Suraj Bhardwaj

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