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Beware! Your social media bragging will cost you dearly

Next time you are flaunting your latest luxury car on Facebook or posting photos of your holiday from exotic foreign locations on Instagram or Twitter, you must exercise caution before doing so. Because, chances are that the taxmen would be snooping into social media accounts. Before your realise, you will have unwanted visitors to your door. That’s because the income tax department from next month will begin amassing virtual information to trace black money, reports PTI.

‘Project Insight’, likely to be launched next month, will use big data analytics to match information from social media sites to deduce mismatches between spending pattern and income declaration. The tax department will analyse mismatches in income declarations and spending patterns to trace tax evasions and black money, an official was quoted as saying. The government has also made linking of PAN with Aadhaar mandatory to get a 360 degree view of a person’s income and assets. It will help the taxmen monitor high value transactions, and curb the circulation of black money.

This is part of the steps the government has taken to unearth and tax undeclared or illegal wealth. The steps include launch of ‘Operation Clean Money’ after demonetisation of old higher denomination currency for collection, collation and analysis of information on cash transactions, extensive use of information technology and data analytics tools for identification of high risk cases, expeditious e-verification of suspect cases and enforcement actions.

Source: NDTV  

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