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A Lesson Worth Learning: Falling in Love over Facebook

I fell in love with a boy over Facebook. At first, we didn’t speak either online or offline. But he always gave ‘likes’ on my posts.I waited for his ‘likes’ every day. I posted multiple photos of Barbie dolls every hour just to get ‘likes’ from him. One day, he messaged me saying just a ‘Hi’. And eventually we started talking, and I told him everything about me– including how many chickens we have. Then he replied, ‘Good’. And I started feeling very good. After a week, he told me that he loved me. Holding my breath, I replied, ‘I can give my life for you.’ My sister was very suspicious, because every five minutes, I checked my phone to see if there was any ‘hi’. I often hid myself from my sister and yelled at her whenever she wanted to know what was happening in my life. Then one day, he sent me a message saying, ‘Can we meet?’ I whispered to myself, ‘Of course, I can even go to America for you!’ I sent him the details of where to meet. My sister kept poking me and I yelled at her more and more. I rehearsal everything that I wanted to tell him, I wanted to tell him how his ‘likes’ changed my life, how his ‘Hi’ is everything to me. When I arrived at the place where we were supposed to meet up, I was very nervous. My eyes looked for a handsome guy. Then suddenly someone hugged me tight from behind and said, ‘Hi’. That was my sister. I understood everything at that point and she was laughing and continuously kept saying ‘Hi’. If you have a sister like mine, you do not need an enemy in life!

– Sabina Yesmin (14)

Source/Author: GMB Akash 

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