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Trading + Inexpensive Alcohol = TBSE

Mumbai. It is India’s nightlife capital, folks! There is an endless array of choices to look over at this place and believe me; the list is long. You might be a big name or a simple dreamer, an achiever or a struggler, the nightlife of Mumbai will overwhelm you regardless of where you come from or which background you belong. Many places in the city appeal young generation to groove and celebrate, but still, it lacks luster! Asma Rafat’s recent visit to Mumbai speaks a different tale and shares a new dimension that could add up to your list of pubs and lounges. Here is an interesting read.

HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINE GETTING VODKA FOR INR 40! OR A BEER FOR INR 69! AND AN OLD MONK FOR INR 16 A PEG! That’s The Bar Stock Exchange (TBSE) for you, my friend! Mumbai based TBSE is a unique concept that attracts young and working professional that allows them to party without spending much.

TBSE is conceptualized along the lines of our real-time stock market, is India’s first and one-of-its-kind bar chain where the drink costs change is based on continuous and real-time demand and supply. The price of the alcohol fluctuates with time, and this trick is an instant hit among the young and working professionally as their bill stays in limit and is manageable.

The Bar Stock Exchange Mobile App

“Fluctuating prices gives us a kick and an adrenaline rush to keep ordering,” says Sana Khan, Mumbai based budding cinematographer who is a regular visitor to Oshiwara’s TBSE. “The ambiance is cozy and is designed keeping in mind the trend that appeals the youngsters. I usually go to TBSE with my friends, and we like to argue over the fluctuating prices, and that is where the fun lies,” she added with fervor and enthusiasm.

People are also impressed with the technology being used to book the order when the prices go down, that is entirely based on the demand and supply.

Bhavuk Pandita, Social Media Manager at Elpzo, is a frequent visitor at Linking Road, Bandra’s TBSE. “Technology amazes me. To book order at TBSE, you must have their mobile-based app downloaded and then order from your phone. I like the concept of stock exchange being used here and order when the prices of my favorite drink go down,” Pandita said shaking the beer glass that he got only for INR 60.

TBSE is a hit among the Mumbaikars, who are in admiration of the place.

The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

“Unusual concept that could only be possible in western countries but the owners of TBSE dared to open it in India,” says Anant Soni, Bhopal based entrepreneur, who is a regular customer at TBSE, Juhu. He adds, “Whenever I visit Mumbai, I make sure to visit TBSE for its uniqueness and the variety it offers at less price. I enjoy the process.”

The Bar Stock Exchange has a lot to offer apart from inexpensive drinks; good food and great ambiance.

About Asma Rafat

Asma Rafat is an Independent Journalist based in New Delhi. Previously with The Free Press Journal and Channel NewsAsia. When not thinking about stories, she is busy reading Urdu poetry, watching movies or taking photographs. Find her on Twitter @asmarafat

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