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Top Marriage Rejection Reasons in Pakistan/India. #5 is too hilarious

Marriage is considered a holy bond between a husband and wife and it is also said  that marriages are made in heaven. While these statements might hold true, the business of bride-hunting especially in the Indian subcontinent is highly deplorable.

It is actually a shameless exercise on part of the groom’s family when they decide to go looking for the perfect match for their doting son/brother/uncle, the same way they would go to buy something for their house starting with window shopping. They will start their fun filled trip of going to the prospective bride’s house and after enjoying the hospitality of the people of the house, will reject the girl on the pretext of some or the other excuse.

What audacity these people have? The first thing that they demand in the bride is that she should be  ‘’very very fair”, without any exaggeration and can be confirmed by looking at any matrimonial ad of newspapers.

Since Indian and Pakistani culture is more or less similar, such rejections are also felt by girls from across the border. Some of the ridiculous reasons for rejecting the girls for marriage were put on twitter by the Pakistani women. Please read it and try to change such perception about women in general and also think of them as human beings and not cattle.

  1. I was rejected yesterday for bad front teeth.
  2. Short heighted, too chubby, has glasses, hijabi, doctor, age zyada hai..
  3. Medium height,Not goori chitti,Why interested in job/studying after marriage/Not a model like look.Also,Doctor banty banty age zada ho gae
  4. I’ve also been rejected on the basis of my skin colour and the fact that I fail to turn myself into a pastry by using so much makeup
  5. Unfortunately it’s always the Ghar walas that do the rejection not the guys themselves. Only one reason for me though. Overweight.
  6. “thori ziada healthy hai. patli hoti tou aur bhi achi lagti”
  7. rejected x times because i was ‘moo phat,’ rude & confrontational. BC, you’ve come here inspecting a human like a horse & i’m the rude one?
  8. In non physical things, too educated, working women, reads too much, is only daughter so must be really laadli, too introverted, etc, etc
  9. I was rejected because “hamaray Betay ko ziada parhi hoi nai chahye, wo kehta hai parh kr larkyan taiz ho jati hain”
  10. Btw 80% of rishta walas didn’t even come over when they found out I was a working woman with no intentions of quitting. Yep
  11. I was rejected last year for telling them that I love working in media and won’t quit.
  12. Was rejected once ke larki engineer hai. Typical gharelo larki jaisi nahi hogi. Lol what?
  13. Looks too modern lol
  14. A friend was rejected for being ‘too talkative’.


Seriously people, get a life. As for these girls, Congratulations to you, you got saved from a life long ridicule.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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