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World Diabetes Day: Frequent intake of sugar drinks may cause Diabetes

World Diabetes Day was first introduced in 1991 and 14th November has been the chosen day to spread awareness about this devastating disease.

A recent study in USA has suggested that those who are regular consumers of sugar sweetened drinks, who like have one can of soda in a day have a higher chance of falling into pre-diabetic zone. The observation made from the study indicate that people who often take these sugar beverages have 46% more probability of having pre- diabetes condition than those who consume little to no such drinks.

High amount of sugar sweetened drinks is also related to increase in the insulin resistance which may lead to Type 2 Diabetes. This relation was observed and concluded by scientists at Tufts University in US. Although no relation between diet soda consumption and pre diabetes could be established. The results obtained were mixed and some new researches have to be conducted to know the long term effects of artificially sweetened beverages.

In order to avoid the diabetes condition, big changes have to be made in the lifestyle and healthy habits have to be chosen. These sugary drinks should be replaced by healthier options like water, tea or coffee without sugar. Making a small change like this in your everyday life can lead to significant positive development in decreasing the risk of Diabetes.



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