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Going to the dentist can be less painful now with this new solution for tooth extraction!

All of us dread going to the dentist. There is some kind of phobia sitting on a dentist’s chair that even adults want to find excuses not to visit one. People bear toothaches, mashed-up foods and sleepless nights just to avoid the painful experience.

So when there is a tooth extraction to be done due to extensive decay, cracked tooth that can not be repaired or a wrongly positioned teeth, then fear knows no bounds. But worry no more, painful tooth extraction may be a thing of the past as Benex company has come up with a solution.

With this breakthrough technology, painless tooth extraction can be made possible. A team of dental surgeons based out of Switzerland have come up with a extraction system. The Benex company claims that tooth extraction with BenexExtractor “causes less pain” and “preserves bones and soft tissue”.

The first step in this extraction process is loosening of the root. The dentist loosens the root so that the extraction goes smoothly. After this step, the tooth is pulled for the dentist to have better access. Next the dentist creates a hole within the root with the help of a diamond drill and puts an ‘extraction screw’ into the hole that gets itself attached to the mechanical clamp.

The clamp is placed on an adjacent tooth so that the dentist gets a better grip of the root. The adjacent tooth is also helpful for the dentist as it gives a stable base. And he can now detach the root from the socket with some gentle twists making it possible for an easy extraction from the mouth.

Using BenexExtractor is proving to be a popular choice by dentists around the world. It is being considered as a vital part of dental practice and may become the apt solution for pain and anxiety associated with visiting the dentist.

Source: Interesting Engineering

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