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Emirati woman delivers a baby from childhood ovarian tissue that was frozen

In one of the breakthrough technology, an Emirati woman from Dubai became the first one to give birth to a healthy baby boy in London on December 13 by using ovarian tissue that was frozen before the onset of puberty. Dr. Sara Mathhews, who works as a consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist at the Portland Hospital informed that it’s the first time that the ovarian tissue was taken before puberty and had made possible fertility in an adult woman.

“And this success opens the doors for much more research into tissue freezing and transplantation,” she said.

Moza Al Matrooshi, is the 24 year old young woman whose mother was far sighted enough to let her daughter’s ovarian tissue be frozen at age nine in 2001 when she was undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Matrooshi is a thalassaemia patient who was expected to go for chemotherapy before her bone marrow transplant.

Moza is over the moon on giving birth to her child from a caesarian section and is looking forward to fly back to her parents and other family members once her baby is 6 weeks old. Her husband Ahmed and mother in law are staying with her in the London Hospital.

This success story of one mother will pave the way for many more parents of young girls who have to undergo risky medical treatments like chemotherapy which may damage ovaries as stated by Helen Picton who is the head of the division of reproduction and early development at the University of leeds in England. She was the one who froze the ovary of Moza.

“She and her family really are courageous — and pioneers — to have done this,” Picton said in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “It’s tremendously hopeful technology because you’re investing in the future fertility life of your daughter.”

Matthews and Picton used to work together in the past as a medical fellow. It was Picton who introduced the doctor as well as Moza’s family to a surgeons team in Denmark. These team of experts carried out the transplant of ovarian tissue back into Moza’s body, stitching four to her left ovary and on eonto the dise of her uterus.

Before this operation, Moza was going through menopause but after it, the hormone levels came back to normal as reported by BBC. She became fertile and started ovulating. Next, Moza and her husband went for IVF procedure to increase their chance of fertility resulting in 3 embryos. 2 of the 3 embryos were implanted this year.

Moza still has one embryo in storage and 2 pieces of ovarian tissue which she would be using for another baby in the future.

Congratulations are in order for Moza and her family for their little bundle of joy.


Source: gulfnews.com

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