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Fighting Religious Intolerance with the ‘Punk Muslim’ subculture

Recently Indonesia has experienced a new phenomenon that has redefined Islamic youth culture- a sub group of ‘Punk Muslims’. Integrating the elements of loud raw punk music and religious values they have put a spin on the traditionally counterculture and anti-establishment music scene. By their appearance- they represent the punk subculture-provocative Mohawks, leather jackets and ripped clothes, but the Punk Muslim movement is all about peace and the labour of love. This community addresses issues such as the war in Palestine and aims to debunk the stereotypes that surround “what is means to be punk”, redefining what it means to embrace Islam. The movement’s roots lie in the work of Fiction by writer Michael Muhammad Knight who wrote the fiction novel The Taqwacores in 2004 that imagines an Islamic punk rock scene in the US. This movement is politically significant for Indonesia given the debates on religious arrogance-surrounding religion, race and sexual orientation.

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