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Online Fraud Alert: How Aadhar is being misused!

The Aadhaar chronicles 😡😡 Here is a story that will surprise you or rather shock you. If you think you are safe from online fraud and Aadhar faking just because you use your credit and debit cards responsibly and keep your Aadhar safe, then you are mistaken. This is what …

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Facebook asks new users in India to use their Aadhaar names

The Supreme Court is yet to rule on this issue and the Centre’s Narendra Modi government has postponed it too till 31 March 2018. But, unperturbed by these developments, Facebook has begun testing a feature with a set of new users in India, where they are being asked to enter …

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Beware! Your social media bragging will cost you dearly

Next time you are flaunting your latest luxury car on Facebook or posting photos of your holiday from exotic foreign locations on Instagram or Twitter, you must exercise caution before doing so. Because, chances are that the taxmen would be snooping into social media accounts. Before your realise, you will …

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Vishal Sikka’s vision: Artificial Intelligence and  robotics. Will exit affect Infy’s tech edge?

It was only over the last 10 days that there were serious murmurs about Vishal Sikka — Infosys’s rockstar CEO, as described by a company founder — hanging up his boots. But none who know N R Narayana Murthy expected an outcome any different than this. “Mr Murthy quoting independent …

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PM Bhargava: A  Renowned scientist who returned Padma Award in solidarity against  intolerance, passes away

Renowned scientist Pushpa Mitra Bhargava, the founder director of CSIR-Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology (CCMB) here, who returned his Padma Bhushan award two years ago in protest against the NDA government’s stance towards liberal ethos in the country, died today. He was 88, CCMB sources said. The scientist, popularly known …

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Safety Test: $200 robot cracks open a safe

Although people have realized the safety of their digital data and are utilising all the means to protect data, it has been understood that hackers can gain access to literally anything by utilising the loopholes even in the safest of systems. This was proved once again by a group of …

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BITS Students plan to Build 1,200 Km/Hour Travel Pod For Elon Musk Contest

A proposed Bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will take approximately two hours, running at a maximum speed of 320-350 km per hour. But what if you were told this time could be reduced to a mere 40 minutes, travelling at a unprecedented speed of 1,200 km/hour? Most people would …

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Delhi High Court Rules that posting Casteist social media posts can send you to jail

The Delhi High Court on Monday ruled that any offensive post on social media that targets an individual of the Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe communities, even if made in a closed group, is punishable. “Even if privacy settings are retained by a Facebook member as ‘private’, making of an …

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Amazing Mobile App Gives Real-time Update on Groundwater Level

A new mobile application can come to the aid of experts looking to source data on groundwater level and create awareness about the issue among farmers. Data for the software programme, MyWell App, has been provided by a network of village-level volunteers. The smartphone and SMS-based app collects and analyses …

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