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Top Marriage Rejection Reasons in Pakistan/India. #5 is too hilarious

Marriage is considered a holy bond between a husband and wife and it is also said  that marriages are made in heaven. While these statements might hold true, the business of bride-hunting especially in the Indian subcontinent is highly deplorable. It is actually a shameless exercise on part of the …

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Man on his deathbed, gets a new lease of life, not from his kin. Find out from whom!

This is a heart wrenching story of Hanish Mahendru whose world came crashing down when he was diagnosed with damaged kidneys at the age of 47. His doctor suggested two options for him, one was to choose dialysis for the rest of his life. the other was to get a kidney …

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High Court Verdict: Son has no legal right to live in the parents house, can only stay at their mercy!

Delhi high court has given a verdict that a son is not entitled to property of his parents. He can only stay with them if his parents agree for him to live with them. A son, irrespective of his marital status, has no legal right to live in the self-acquired house …

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