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Curious Case of 5 deaths in a family in 20 days cause panic in a Tamil Village

In a mysterious turn of events, five members of a family have died in the past 20 days. Out of the 5 deaths, three are that of children. This incident took place in northern Tamil Nadu in Thandarai Village. The first one to succumb to this illness on October 5 …

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10 ways to avoid Computer Eye Strain

Smartphones, Computers, e-readers, tablets, and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain, and Computer Vision syndrome. Any person who uses   computers for any length of time tends to develop eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms which are related to computer …

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Fitness Tips for Gym Beginners

Whether you want to slim down or you want a better body shape or you want to relieve stress before starting gym you should keep following things in mind Consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit to perform at the gym. The right outfit: The first and foremost …

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Life is better when you are running

Are you gaining weight because you lack physical exercise? Is your health at risk due weight gain? Have you ever tried running? I am sure after reading benefits of running you will start running. You might have heard that exercise is medicine. There’s a  concrete    scientific evidence that proves that …

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Tips to Lose Weight Naturally and Permanently

You might have searched for weight loss tips, tried several diet plans and different exercises but do you know we can lose weight by natural methods. Naturopathy is a system of medicines in which diseases can be cured by natural ways.so,  So, today let us know how to lose weight …

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