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A giant step by Tamil Nadu to boycott Coke, Pepsi and introduce local brands


The state of Tamil Nadu has taken a big step by starting a ban on sale of Cola drinks like Pepsi and Coke from Wednesday morning. This boycott will kickstart from small shops and retail stores in the whole state and will be followed by restaurants and supermarkets pretty soon.

This is a very big decision that has been collectively taken by Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangam which consists of 6,000 small and medium enterprises and around 1.5 million people are its members. The main logic behind the boycott is that the region is facing drought like conditions and these soft drink majors are using up all the water resources.

As the industries are taking up so much of water directly from the rivers, the poor farmers are not able to get sufficient water for their crops. Since 2016 had been a year of drought, the water which is available can be used for fulfilling the drinking needs of the people.

With the non-availability of these drinks, people will move to local soft drink brands and even fruits juices which in turn will give a boost to the domestic market. Not to forget, without the choice of these fizzy drinks, people may go for healthier options like coconut water, fresh juices which is good for body and general metabolism.

The traders who are behind this ban have been influenced by the mass protest that was held for legalising Jallikattu sport. While the intention behind this whole boycott seems earnest, it is to be seen how these FMCG giants will take this issue considering there can be a loss of Rs. 1400 crore to begin with in Tamil Nadu alone. If this trend picks up in other states, then it could become a cause of concern.

Even the government gets a lot of revenue from these MNC’s so only in the coming days we can know the whole impact of this situation. For now we can only commend the people for taking a big step towards a legit cause.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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