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A Man’s 20-Year Selfless Fight Against Fluorosis

He was 29 when a personal tragedy shook Kanchukutla Subhash’s world. In 1996, his father was diagnosed with Fluorosis, a disabling disease that is caused due to excess of fluoride in ground water. When a person drinks this fluoride-contaminated water, it slowly starts weakening the bones by replacing its calcium. Seeing his …

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Intolerance over Food – Which meat is Holier and Why??

A post on “Foodies in Hyderabad” caught my eye today, where Parashar Kumar put up what looks like a conventional picture of a typical Indian dish- rice and an assortment of curry- but a closer look at the caption raised eyebrows and had tempers flaring !- “Dog meat and rice …

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“I belong to an upper caste”

I belong to a so called ‘upper’ caste. I am fully aware of the atrocities my ancestors have committed to whole communities of people. My ancestors denied entire communities of children the right to education for two thousand years. My ancestors denied them the fine arts for 2000 years. My …

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