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“Nirbhaya Could Have Stayed Home”-School teacher’s Sexist Lesson

A biology teacher in Chhattisgarh is under heavy fire for her blatantly sexist lecture to her class after complaints poured in from outraged parents. This incident took place at Raipur Kendriya Vidyalaya, an elite central government school, where the students recorded the teacher’s comments and played it to the principal, …

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Online Fraud Alert: How Aadhar is being misused!

The Aadhaar chronicles 😡😡 Here is a story that will surprise you or rather shock you. If you think you are safe from online fraud and Aadhar faking just because you use your credit and debit cards responsibly and keep your Aadhar safe, then you are mistaken. This is what …

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Suhaib Ilyasi given life term for murdering wife Anju Ilyasi

A court in Delhi on Wednesday sentenced Suhaib Ilyasi to life in jail for murdering his wife Anju Ilyasi in 2000. This came just days after Ilyasi, a former host of popular crime TV show ‘India’s Most Wanted’ was convicted for the same crime. According to ANI, Illyasi was convicted …

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